Where my story begins

Morning! So 2018 came with some big changes for me, I recently turned 30! Let me tell you something 30 FREAKED ME OUT! I was seriously having mini panic attacks over the thought that I was going to be 30?! I was freaking out because I thought I haven’t accomplished enough, I haven’t done enough, I should be farther ahead in my career I should be owing my own house….. all these thoughts were running through my head… and than a good friend of mine, well she’s actually my person stopped me one morning when were were FaceTiming and in her gentle way said “will you shut up” now you have to understand she meant it in the sweetest way, and than she went on and said “you are a mother to 3 children, you are a full time working mom, a wife and number one you are a strong Christian women” that is exactly what I need to hear! Just like that my anxiety, my mini panic attacks the stress it all stopped when I thought about turning 30. She’s my person and she knows exactly what I need to hear at exactly the right time. I won’t mention her name but she’s the Grey to my Yang 😊 so… your asking what does all this have to do with me starting a blog?! Well, I am looking at Turing 30 as a chance for me to Refresh… Reload… Repeat (see what I did there) I am choosing to take this year to better myself, work on a healthier me, work on becoming the best mother and wife I can be and to grow my strength with God. I hope you all join me in this adventure, laugh with me, cry with me, scream with me, and just join me…. if this even reaches just one women out there I have done my job. I will be blogging about every day life, my fitness journey, the day in the life of a full time working mom, and me growing in my faith. One thing you have to realize is I am not a writer so punctuation is going to be far from perfect (no judgment) and this is a totally new experience for me as I don’t usually let people in my personal life… but yesterday a co-worker (looking forward to growing my friendship with her) of mine said do it so that’s just what I am doing! Until next time! Take time to Refresh…Reload…Repeat ❀️


3 thoughts on “Where my story begins

  1. I am looking forward to seeing your journey and you owning your MILF-ness. πŸ˜‰ Proud of you for writing and excited to see what you do!


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