Fitness/working out: is it worth it?!

Greetings! Well we all survived Monday! Well some of us survived anyways! So, as part of my plan for 2018 I wanted to get healthy, loose weight and stop eating shit for food! You have to understand I am a mom of 3 kids! So my body has taken a bit of a beating (in a good way) 😊 but I will admit I am not happy with how much I have gained, I mean I am by no means obese nor do I want to fit in a bikini…. but I would like to put my jeans on without laying on the bed… holding my breath and hoping they zip! I mean ladies we have all been there before right?! So, I recently reconnected with a friend of mine from a couple years ago and she is a great person! She’s willing to help me on my weight loss journey and supporting me on becoming a refreshed me! So ok… she says “hey, let’s try a cycle class at the Y” ok I am game! Here I am thinking oh it’s just gonna be 30 minutes on a bike no big deal right?! WRONG!!! It was a sprint class!!! So me putting on a brave face I am like “I can totally do this” well let me tell you! I literally saw the light, saw Jesus face and he was saying “child come home” oh, I was so ready until my other friend Megan says on a 30 second rest period ” Amy, thanks for bringing me with” let me tell you I was so proud of surviving that class and it was just the jumpstart I needed! I have been working out every night since than… well ok not every night I took the weekend off and I took tonight off… but I am jumpstarting back into it tomorrow night. Is it easy?! Hell no! Is it easy for me to change my diet?! Even bigger hell no! Will I do it?! Absolutely! Why will I do it?! Because I want to have more energy, sleep better, not have to hold my breath to get my jeans to zip up, and overall I want to feel good in my own skin! Am I going to bitch and complain the whole time?! YES!! But, I won’t be giving up and I hope you all join me with my journey to a refreshed me! I am sure I will have stories to share with you! So, until next time take time to Refresh… Reload… Repeat ❤️


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