Whoa! It’s Thursday evening!!! Almost the weekend!!! So, tonight I wanted to blog about a topic near and dear to my heart ❤️ adoption…..

Many may or may not know this but I was adopted from South Korea 🇰🇷 at the age of 4 months old, my birth mother was 16 years old and put me up for adoption. I was staying with a foster family until my parents adopted me.

Now, you have to understand I was adopted into a all white family and I don’t mean that to sound offensive by any means. Both my parents are white, my aunt and uncle cousins are all white… I have one older brother who was also adopted from South Korea at the age of 8 months, we are not biological however.

Growing up I think I knew I was always adopted, I obviously look nothing like my parents although my mom likes to tell people I get all my good looks from her… and you wouldn’t believe how many people look at us like she’s serious! 🙄 I also went to a all white high school… including my brother there may have been 4 total kids who were non-white.. it was actually a blessing to go to such a small high school because we never ran into any problems being different looking. The community I grew up in was also very much so a white community, again I am thankful for growing up in such a small town.

Now, I get asked a lot of questions about being adopted:

Would you ever want to meet your birth mom?

Easy answer: NO! This may shock some people but when you are adopted at 4 months old your adoptive parents are the only people that you know as parents.

Would you ever want to visit South Korea:

Another easy answer: NO! The US is the only place I know for growing up. Now granted I am not US born, I can never run for president, and when I came into this country I had to get citizenship and nationalization papers.

My all time favorite question about being adopted and this person was SERIOUS….. are you all ready for this? I mean I can’t even make this up….

Wait, did you come by boat? 🙄🤨🤔

Yes…. my birth mother thought I was Moses stuck me in a basket… floated me across the oceans… through the Menominee River and that’s how I ended up in Wallace, Mi…. 🤦🏽‍♀️ (this was my actual answer to this person after I got pass the shock I was even asked this)

The real answer is I was escorted by a US Army Sergeant and flown into Chicago airport, where my parents and my brother were waiting for me.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I was brought into such a warm and loving family, not only by my parents but my cousins and Aunt and uncle, and grandparents. I never once was treated like I wasn’t blood to them. Let me tell you it does NOT take blood to make them your family. I thank GOD each day for what I have and am so grateful to my parents for choosing me.

My mom had a picture drawn up and I have had it in my bedroom since 4 months old:

Amy Lynn,

Not heart of my heart

Nor bone of my bone

Not forgotten for a single minute

You didn’t grow under my heart

But in it.



What a powerful message! I believe 100% in adoption, without it who knows where I would be in life. Are there some downfalls… yes, I have no medical history which means my children only have half a medical history but there could be worse things in life. I am just grateful I am where I am at today and I couldn’t of asked for a better family!

Until next time! Take time to Refresh….Reload…. Repeat ❤️


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